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General Subject: Amnesty

Road Toward Citizenship 2

Ballot creation date: 10/07/2013


Fact: The requirements for US citizenship have been well established for nearly two hundred years. Fact: The basic requirements have been to pass a test on US history and government, to have a working knowledge of the English language, and to have legal permanent residency in the US.  Fact: These basic requirements have been slightly modified over the years for people of designated special or individual needs and locations, but have remained largely unchanged for the great majority of citizenship-seeking individuals. (‘largely unchanged’ meaning not changed enough to significantly compromise the votes of those who are already US Citizens.) Fact: Because the US controls its borders, foreign people can only enter and reside here in accordance with US Laws. These people are called ‘legal US residents’.  Fact: The ‘road toward citizenship’ consists taking any paths desired to learn and fulfill the requirements for citizenship. Fact: Recently proposed and partially implemented methods of excluding the basic requirements for citizenship have consisted of removing the word ‘legal’ from the term ‘legal resident’ and replacing this requirement along the ‘road’ with a different path to citizenship called ‘amnesty’. This legal action grants US citizenship only to those people who illegally crossed a border into the US, or who have crossed legally and remained illegally in the US. It does not apply to those legal immigrants who enter legally and reside legally in compliance with pre-existing  Constitutional requirements. Fact: Illegal immigrants are granted many human services in the US that are funded by legal citizens.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The granting of amnesty for past illegality as a road toward citizenship constitutes a theft of resources from the US citizenry. It also rewards illegality at the expense of others seeking citizenship through the legal path as the administrative process (waiting in line) becomes overburdened. Congressmen here, and potential voters are performing a Double-MOT. Free benefits are being traded for free Congressional votes to maintain lifestyles, and the victim (the public) who provide the benefits aren’t even in the negotiation picture. The ‘somethings’ are being traded for the ‘nothings’ not owned by either the illegal immigrants or the Congresspersons making the forced compliances (amnesty laws). This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of time from those seeking legal entry and US citizenship by the Congress allowing illegal entry to go unpunished and  then providing a means for citizenship as a reward for illegal immigration.

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