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General Subject: Benghazi

Witness Lie Detector Tests

Ballot creation date: 08/01/2013


Fact: There are several US citizens in official capacities who witnessed actions relative to the killing of the US Ambassador and three others during the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012. Fact: This attack was organized and implemented by a terrorist group. Fact: Many on-scene perpetrators of this attack have been identified and located. Fact: There has been no action taken against the identified perpetrators. Fact: The US officials who were witnesses were required to undergo a background check and take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Fact: These official witnesses have been required by the US President's Attorney General to remain anonymous and silent. Fact: Without regard to unspecified background check results, these un-named official witnesses are designated potential liars by the President and are therefore required to take a lie detector test prior to divulging any public information relative to Benghazi. Fact: The President had redacted information relative to what actually happened at Benghazi. Fact: The US President by word has categorized Benghaz and the death of the US Ambassador as another “phony scandal”, and as “just a bump in the road”.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This lie-detector requirement comprises a theft of timely information from the public awareness that is required for the prevention of future similar US tragedies. This action also comprises Government members’ theft (past profit of salary and panoplies) while in their positions of power and control for the purpose of gaining unearned wealth and services, and unearned self-esteem for further theft from working US citizens while using the secrecy guise of maintaining national security. The line has been far crossed between liberty and security, resulting in having neither. This MOT Ballot  weighs the theft of information by the US President from US citizens that would help reveal the truth about Benghazi and thereby help prevent similar future tragedies.

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