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The Wall

Ballot creation date: 12/29/2018


Fact: President Trump was elected on a platform that promised to build a physical illegal-immigration wall between the US and Mexico. Fact: He said that Mexico would pay for the wall, but didn’t say how. Fact: The Democrat Party majority in a part of Congress (House) has not provided approval for about $5 Billion requested by the President toward the building of the wall. Fact: It has been proven that walls work for nearly stopping illegal immigration. Fact: $5 Billion comprises about one tenth of one percent [00.1%] of the US Budget. Fact: Last year the Democrat part of Congress provided over $10 Billion to Nicaragua and San Salvador to improve their economy for the purpose of providing an incentive for people to want to stay there rather than attempt illegal immigration into the United States. Fact: Because of new trade agreements during the Trump administration (past 2 years), the United States’ treasury is positioned to gain uncounted tens of $Billions from Mexico. Facts: It costs the US over $100 Billion per year to provide medical, educational, drug enforcement, border patrol, food, disease control, and legal expense for illegal immigrants and those seeking bogus asylum. It costs the US approximately $0 per year for inforcing laws in place for over 100 years that enable immigrants to legally amd peacefully immigrate. Today, a higher number of legal immigrants per year are already being processed into the US than at any other time in history. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The reason the Democrats say they will not provide a single dollar for a wall is because they ‘want border security, but a wall isn’t the way to do it.’ This is like saying, ‘I want to be able to stop my car in an emergency, but having brakes isn’t the way to do it.’ The actual reasons are because  Democrats unilaterally do not accept the proven legitimate Constitutional election of President Trump, want more uninformed and poor Democrat voters, and therefore do not want to contribute to any additional success of his current Presidency in their preparation for the next Presidential election. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft by the US Democrat Party from all Americans of their health, security, and treasure by sequestering (stealing use for a critical period of time), taxpayer money from providing an inexpensive means to protect their health and security with restriction and elimination of illegal immigration, illegal drug transportation, human trafficking, Federally illegal sanctuary cities, terrorist immigration, murder gangs, and disease.

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