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2018 Election Bias

Ballot creation date: 11/04/2018


Fact: For the past two years over 90% of the Main Stream Media political coverage has been negative concerning President Trump and the Republican Party. Fact: The United States has always been, from its beginning, a “Republic” that incorporates democratic values. Fact: As George Washington, our first President, said, “The constant repetition of a falsehood will eventually work its way into the most candid of minds.” Fact: People vote and judge according to the information with which they are provided.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This mid-term election was another fine example of the Republican form of government, where two or more political parties are not even required or necessary for the representation of a people to have their chosen societal and personal requirements implemented. The paramount instrument for such accomplishments is the “Law”, presented and represented by the US Congress. The more transient and influencing ‘instrument’ for these accomplishments is “Public Opinion”. The former (Laws) as it relates to all Citizens, can only be changed in meaning by the US Supreme Court. The latter (Public Opinion) determines the former in the attempt to conserve what the people in our society want to conserve for the long term. An election constitutes, in accordance with our Constitution (what constitutes us as a country) selecting and giving power to the making and implementing to those who they think can make ‘good laws’ for them. What are Laws anyway, but written agreements between and among people in a society?

Because these agreements are written and spoken in words that can be wriggled through change, time, and interpretation by those with societal influence and power, Public Opinion (of each individual) in our Republic determines both written law and the implementations thereof. This enables the security necessary in an environment where every individual can pursue what they consider happiness without harm to others. And for an individual to be able to ‘form a more perfect Union’, no matter how much one side thinks the other is screwed up, is in a far better place to be than history has shown to have been in many Kingdoms, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, the Soviet Union, and today in Cuba and Venezuela. The ‘opposition’ to freedoms and fairness there voted with bullets. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of ‘the whole available truth’ from the public by the Media selecting words that only address a part of the available truth to influence an election for their special interests, and under the guise of News reporting the whole truth available

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