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Kavanaugh Nomination

Ballot creation date: 10/02/2018


Fact: Within the Constitutional powers of “advise and consent”, the US Senate has to approve the President’s choice for any Supreme Court Justice selection. It is their job. Fact: During the past twenty five (25) years, as per normal procedure, the FBI performed six (6) Background Information/Investigation (BI) reports on Judge Kavanaugh with nothing revealed that indicated any reason for him not being appointed to a seat on the Supreme Court. Fact: After all procedures were completed, and a week before a Senate vote was to be taken, Senator Feinstein made known an anonymous letter (that had been in her possession for six weeks prior, and during all previous investigatory discussion with Judge Kavanaugh by the US Senate) from a woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh of an aggressive sexual act that, “could have led to rape” thirty-six (36) years prior. Senator Feinstein has refused to make available the accuser’s letter. The accuser could not remember the location, the exact year, or the time, and there were no witnesses. The accuser was fifteen (15) years old at the time of the ‘act’, and Judge Kavanaugh was seventeen (17) years old. Facts: Senator Feinstein insisted that this accusation be publicly discussed before the Senate Committee approval vote was taken. It was discussed under oath and the Committee vote was taken with a positive result. The final ‘Floor Vote’ by the entire Senate was then scheduled. Fact: Then Senator Flake demanded a seventh FBI investigation to address two other witness statements of other accusations against Judge Kavanaugh that took place about thirty-six (36) years ago. Facts: A ‘Floor Vote’ is scheduled to take place before the end of the week (this Friday), by Senator Grassley, (the head of the Senate Review Committee for the nomination of this candidate), without reference to the seventh FBI investigation that the President ordered last Friday. FBI investigations of this nature take about 2-3 days. The Senate will vote partly based on whatever the FBI may come up with before the end of the week.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is now well established that Judge Kavanaugh was an adolescent during his younger years. A huge theft has already taken place by many members of Congress on both sides, and by the Media against the American people.... largely by attempting to reverse the age-old justice requirement that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and then placing the burden of 'proof of innocence' upon the accused. What can be more unfair than that? The purpose of this delaying tactic is in accordance with the Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Alinsky (who wrote, ‘Rules for Radicals’, 1971) methods for promulgating confusion and discord by creating problems, and then blaming the opposition for the problems. They are arsons in firefighter uniforms, standing at the ready when their flames appear. Also, there has been no apparent consideration for implementing the Libel and Slander laws available in the US that have been utilized in the past because of the ‘optics’ of ‘guilt by defense’ invented by the Media and the Democrat US Senate. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of due process by the Democrat and some of the Republican Senate, and Media, from the American people as provided by the US Constitution.

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