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Mueller Special Counsel 2

Ballot creation date: 07/21/2018


Fact: The Mueller Special Counsel, after nearly two years, is still investigating a non-crime (collusion) whereas a Special Counsel is, by Constitutional mandate and policy, only allowed to investigate crimes. [Please see Mueller Special Counsel 1 MOT Ballot of 03/04/2018]. Facts: The emphasis yesterday on MSNBC and other MSM (Main Stream Media) was the question of whether or not President Trump knew in advance if his son was going to have a meeting with a Russian during the 2016 Election, and perhaps lied about it. The 'investigation', failing in finding any evidence of collusion therein, is now looking for other areas of possible collusion, but has only found many proven examples by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee of both collusion and criminal activity with the Russians and elsewhere during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the transition, and into the current Presidency. Fact: The purpose of this investigation is now to attempt to prove whether or not President Trump was or is ‘Obstructing Justice’ (a legal, criminal term that would have complied with a Constitutional purpose for the investigation in the first place.) 

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It is not logical to the tax payer, or anyone with a brain, for the Government’s Department of Justice, whose business is dealing with crime, to be investigating a non-crime. Collusion is not a crime. It is not punishable. Do these people presume to insult the American public into some sort of submission? It appears so. The term 'Witch Hunt' for this 'investigation' seems to fit like a glove. [Please also see MOT Ballot, Stupid Americans and the ACA, Ballot creation date: 11/11/2014] This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of taxpayer money for salaries by the US Department of Justice, in ‘collusion with’ the Media, in a purely political endeavor, which is against many US Laws.

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