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Jailing Without Trial

Ballot creation date: 06/14/2018


Fact: Paul Manifort was one of Donald Trump’s campaign managers during his run for the Presidency. Fact: He, Manifort, was later accused of “Witness Tampering” and “Obstruction of Justice” in 2014 by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller in 2017. Fact: On the early morning of July 26, 2017, on the scheduled day of Manifort’s hearing with the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, FBI Special Counsel Mueller’s authorization took place as a “No Knock” raid on Manifort’s home to seize documents that included Manifort’s passport. Fact: Later, Manifort was accused by a Judge of “Witness Tampering” and “Obstruction of Justice” that may have taken place in 2014, and to which Manifort pleaded, ‘Not Guilty’. Fact: On June 15, 2018 (yesterday) a Judge Jackson ordered Manifort to be placed in jail (where he now is) without a trial, without defense, without conviction of anything, without being a ‘flight risk’, and without being a threat to society.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

No matter what you might think of Mr. Manifort, or his guilt or innocence, or any relevance to his involvement with the Trump Candidacy years after the charges presented, it is obvious and clear to Constitutional and American observers that the proceedings applied here were not, without public explanation of some justification, in accordance with our existing fair and equitable US legal system, as written in our laws. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the application of US Law from US Citizens by a US Department of Justice jailing someone without regard to the limits and boundaries required by US Law.  

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