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Mueller Special Counsel 1

Ballot creation date: 03/02/2018


Fact: A Special Counsel can be established by the Attorney General for the purpose of investigating a suspected criminal act or acts of a person or group. Fact: The stated object of the Mueller Special Counsel was not to investigate a suspected criminal act. Fact: Special Counsel Mueller, former FBI Director, was appointed to investigate Trump and his organization for suspected collusion with the Russians that may have taken place before and after his election to the Presidency of the United States. Fact: Collusion is not a crime, not a legal consideration, and cannot be prosecuted. Fact: Both the Special Counsel (after nine months of intensive investigation) and the US Congressional House Committee (after fourteen months) responsible for criminal oversite of Government, have found no evidence that would indicate any collusion by Trump or his organization with the Russians. Fact: The Special Counsel did find evidence of both collusion, and criminal acts, by Hillary Clinton and her organization relative to dealings with the Russians before and during her run for the Presidency of the United States.

Relative video: Some relative background facts of this MOT Poll Ballot are presented by a former Special Counsel in this U-Tube link (thirty minutes).



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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

So here we have an investigatory team, given all the powers to investigate a crime, but given $millions in resources to search for some evidence of a non-crime. In the process, this Special Counsel did uncover crimes committed by people in Government who were not the target of the investigation, but did not pursue the prosecution of those crimes. It is selecting political targets for prosecution only against the President (Witch Hunt?). This is not representative of the 'Blind Eye of Justice' and the level, equal scale used by the lady with the blindfold, that is the bed-rock of the US Judicial system where everyone has, 'Equal justice for all under the law.' Perhaps the investigation should have had a different target, or at least a target suspected of committing an actual legally-defined crime, as there are no crimes, by definition that are not legally defined. Is this problem with definitions in the English language an attempt to eliminate all English language dictionaries? This is almost identical to a Court of law trying someone for murder, and when the murder victim appears in court as alive and well, the Judge then demands that a murder victim be found, and when a murder victim is found, the Judge ignores that part of the 'case' because the real murdered victim was clearly not murdered by the initial defendant. This MOT Poll weighs the theft of taxpayer money/salaries by the DOJ/FBI being allowed by the Public/Congress to investigate something that was not allowed according to their sworn-to job description.        

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