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Sheriff Arpaio Pardon

Ballot creation date: 08/24/2017


Fact: Sheriff Arpaio was convicted of Contempt of Court for his violation of a Federal Judge Order to not investigate or arrest, without probable cause, those suspected of being undocumented and illegal immigrants. Fact: The Federal Judge also said it was not Sheriff Arpaio’s job to enforce Federal law.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

There was no talk of a ‘probable cause’ determination except to racialize it as being against Latinos. The job of all law enforcement is to uphold nearly all US laws in their jurisdiction. This Federal Judge, and those behind him, seems to have made the same mistake as the Obama Administration when they brought suit against the State of Arizona for enforcing Federal Law to prevent an invasion into their State by dangerous foreigners. The Obama Administration said it was not the right of a State to enforce Federal or State law to protect themselves, and thereby, with the US Government refusing to do the job, the State of Arizona was left without protection against foreigners. President Trump’s pardon just attempts to make things right. Some people (Media) want to make this pardon seem like an abandonment of all law in the United States that will result in chaos, Fascism, and the end of democracy. They don’t seem to understand that Sheriffs are elected…. locally. Wouldn't one think that someone re-elected many times, and in law enforcement for over fifty years, would have the trust of the local population of law-abiding Americans to allow him to determine what was ‘probably’ a good cause or suspicion in determining what was dangerous to them? This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of integrity from our justice system by the Media and the Obama Administration for attempting to eliminate the enforcement of many laws in their own racist and divisionary interests for political purposes.

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