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Clinton Liability

Ballot creation date: 11/24/2016


Fact: President-Elect Trump recently said he didn’t want to ‘punish’ Hillary Clinton for any crimes concerning e-mail misuse without reference to the ongoing Clinton Foundation FBI investigation that jeopardized national security, and that she had suffered enough.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is not up to either President-Elect or President Trump to ‘go easy’ or not ‘punish’ anyone who may have violated US Federal Law. His job as President will be to enforce existing US Laws. This is done through the instrument, administered by him, of the Department of Justice (DOJ) who depends largely on information gathered by the FBI. Determinations for prosecutions and punishments are made by DOJ as warranted by US Federal Law violations. The President, however, can pardon people for crimes they are already convicted of having committed. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft or diminishment of the enforcement of US Law by subjective pre-trial determinations made publicly by the President-Elect concerning the Clinton e-mails.

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