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Trump Lewdness

Ballot creation date: 10/08/2016


Fact: Donald Trump, not in a public position of power, made lewd and private comments about women and their vulnerability to power and sex eleven years ago. Fact: Hillary Clinton, in a public position of power, after many requests, did not allow help to be given to US Ambassador Stevens which resulted in Steven’s certain death along with three other Americans. Fact: The next day President Obama, in a public position of power, left for an illegal (using government equipment for political purposes) fundraising event in Las Vegas, and referred to Steven’s death as, “Just another bump in the road.”

U-Tube summary of Trump 'Lewdness' before election: 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

For simplification, these three difinitive and historical facts are used to relate the difference between words and actions in preparation for voting in this Presidential election. Trump’s words resulted in NEITHER death nor a disregard for the lives of Americans in the service of their country. Hillary Clinton's actions and directed non-actions did. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from historical American character and integrity that Hillary Clinton and President Obama presumed to represent to the world.

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