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Democratic Voters

Ballot creation date: 09/22/2016


Fact: The Democratic Party for thirty years has been creating new Democratic voters through amnesty, voting rights for illegal immigrants, non-identification requirements for voters, and voting rights for convicted felons. Fact: These new voters do not go through the normal Citizenship requirements of the United States, or are made exempt from them. Fact: These new voters have the same vote as those Citizens that have been here a long time. Fact: The preponderance of these new voters, because of the ‘humanitarian freebies’ made available by an empathetic and compassionate society of both Democrats and Republicans in Office, vote Democratic because of the Democratic efforts to allow them immediate access to unearned benefits.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

These new voters change the voting base from those who have more of a vested interest through work and culture in the United States, toward a different  base by those newly arrived persons who are here for immediate exploitation of ‘freebies’ over an investment in, and contribution to, the continuing success of the United States. It is not a two-way street for them. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by Democrats of voting power from Republican voters by diluting the voting base toward a majority of those who want to live inside the MOT, and those who, because of a desire to conserve the Great American system, do not.

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