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Obama Birtherism

Ballot creation date: 09/15/2016


Fact: ‘Birtherism’ is a term recently resurrected by the media (last week) that  originated within the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign of 2008. It contended Senator Barak Hussein Obama may not have been born in the United States and was therefore not eligible to run for President. Fact: This suspicion was initially based on a photograph of Senator Obama dressed as an Islamic Imam. Fact. This suspicion was further promoted by the inability of Senator Obama to provide his birth certificate. Fact: This suspicion was later investigated with much publicity by Donald Trump. Fact: Over a year after Obama was President, his organization did produce a form that ‘certified’ an original birth certificate existed and which contained what the original supposedly said. Fact: Today, there is still no original birth certificate of Barak Hussein Obama known to the public.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

At this late date in the 2016 run for the Presidency, the ‘Birther’ issue relative to Donald Trump’s previous involvement with it has been brought up by Hillary Clinton as being a compelling temperament or character flaw in Donald Trump that, in addition to other things, makes him “unqualified to be Commander in Chief”. What is not, or is minimally recognized by the main stream media, is that if Islam is a religion stated on the original Obama birth certificate (or on any of the Obama college records, etc. that have been sealed), then it could explain most of his foreign policy toward the Mid East for the past eight years, and domestically concerning immigration and Islamic Terrorism acts in the homeland. What is more disturbing is the non-mention, in nearly all media coverage, that Islam is not even a 'religion' as it's actions dictate. Islam is the 'theo' part of a theocracy by the same name. This theocracy passes itself off as a 'religion' for it to gain those advantages that the United States allows all religions. It is a theocracy that vouchsafes the use of lying for the cause of 'Jihad', and 'confusing the enemy' is a major practice. The leadership of this theocracy has historically used force, feigned trust and integrity, and subversion, to occupy some positions of leadership any place on earth where there is conserved wealth. Geographically, it assumes anywhere it is as its own ‘caliphate of belief', or 'State without borders', with its own laws that ultimately require either the subjugation, or the killing, of all other peoples. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the possible theft of American lives and treasure that may have been prevented if the US media had vetted Senator Obama for Islamic background and belief, before and during his Presidency

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