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Trump Racism

Ballot creation date: 06/05/2016


Fact: Donald Trump referred to a US Judge as being like a Mexican for various reasons, one of them being that his parents were Mexican. Fact: ‘Mexican’ is not a race. Fact: Mexico is a country with its own culture and laws. Fact: A Mexican is a person of any race who is a citizen of Mexico. Fact: People are generally loyal to the interests of their own country. Fact: Mexico doesn’t want the border wall built between it and the United States that Donald Trump proposes, nor does Mexico want to pay for it. Fact: A class action lawsuit was brought before the Federal US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel against Donald Trump’s Trump University. Fact: Though the lead litigant of the lawsuit dropped out of the case, Judge Curiel did not dismiss the case as is the normal practice when the case has no basis and is worthless to pursue. Fact: Donald Trump called into question whether this “Mexican” judge could fairly preside over a lawsuit involving Trump University, an “American” enterprise. Fact: The Liberal media labeled Donald Trump a ‘racist’ because he referred to a person’s loyalty as being more to Mexico than to the United States. Fact: The Liberal media stated as ‘proof’ that Donald Trump was a ‘racist’ because Judge Curiel was in fact born in Indiana, not Mexico. Fact: House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Trump’s racist remarks were based on Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage and should be "absolutely disavowed" as they were the "textbook definition of racist comments."

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is the right of an American citizen to question the loyalty and integrity of an American judge. It is not the right of anyone to summarily change the meaning and definitions of English words (our national language of communication) in order to publicly slander a person’s reputation, as both the media and Trump’s political opponents did. Trump’s remarks were based on Judge Curiel’s Mexican parental heritage that indicated, because of judicial actions against Trump, a loyalty more to Mexican interests than those of the United States. Some ‘elite’ Congressman and other politicos are obviously using this attempt by Trump to maintain his integrity in a court of law, to denigrate his character, and to obfuscate important election policy proposals in the time available before the election. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the good reputation of Mr. Trump and the meaning of English words by some in the media who have the public ear and influence to pursue an agenda against that of the millions who voted for Mr. Trump thus far in this Presidential election process.

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