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Election Synthesis

Ballot creation date: 04/05/2016


Fact: Front Runner Cruz was not born in the United States (but in Calgary, Canada), and therefore his entire campaign for President is a scam against the Constitution. Fact: Front Runner Trump is considered negatively as a ‘Carnival Barker’ among other non-illegal, personal innuendos unrelated to facts of accomplishment and plans for action. Fact: Front Runner Sanders is a Socialist/Communist running for US President with a right to do so in a free country. Fact: Front Runner Clinton is under FBI investigation for lying, theft, and the Benghazi murders, and wants to continue Obama polices as President. Fact: Back Runner Kasich, now without a chance himself, spoils for no publicly known reason, any early clear chance for other Republican to compete for the Presidency through the public voting process.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

A ‘Carnival Barker’ gives the people at least a fair chance at throwing a ring around some prizes. Continuing the current Presidential policies can also be found in a Carnival but in the form of the same monkey on a leash with a tin cup in hand, with no reference to who the real organ grinder is, and little chance again of identifying an American ring or prize. This MOT Ballot weighs theft by the media from public time by not emphasizing the above five facts, and mentioning the MOT conclusions, for consideration during all news casts from this date until November, 2016.

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