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Fascism US

Ballot creation date: 03/18/2016


Fact: Several vehicles on major highways this date leading into cities of Arizona were stopped, some sideways, in the lanes to stop traffic, and their drivers were chained to the vehicles to stop removing them. Fact: The cities were scheduled to have Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speak there. Fact: Few of the people interviewed (Less than one in ten in this MOT research of major news channels) were going into these cities to hear Trump talk. Fact: The chained automobile highway blockers said they were protesting Trump. Fact: Traffic was stopped on incoming lanes for ten and more miles, or, the stopped traffic removed a day of  freedom from the vehicle operators' and passengers' intent. Fact: The chained automobile highway blockers were not from Arizona. Fact: The right to free speech and assembly, in many variations, always inherently allows free speech and assembly without violence or inhibiting anyone’s right to movement and physical safety, except when a people are subject to Fascism. Fact: The US Constitutional First Amendment is a fact.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The purpose of this MOT Ballot is also to vote on a solution to this road-blocking problem of Fascism, while using the general MOT title of Fascism as a summary of purpose of those who blocked our roads without safe cause, and thereby steals our freedom. Background and solution: Traffic was blocked by people who wanted to make a point. Their point caused hundreds of people who were going shopping, or visiting people, or going to listen to Trump, or to do business but were restricted from freedom to travel to their destinations that day on roads and in vehicles that they and their ancestors worked for and paid for. These personal things that they earned were summarily taken away that day by a few who could use for a time some sort of empathy, or media, or religion, or mission for their own reasons and thereby stole freedom from individual Americans that were going down the highway in their free country. Stopping movement without cause is death to many. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of Americans' energy and personal wealth of time and resources by the Government of Arizona, and others that have Federal, State, and local government authority that did not enforce our laws THAT PROTECT AGAINST FASCISM, did not call out available resources, including the National Guard, and thereby did not immediately cut the chains of the 'non-peaceful, illegal, protester-Fascists', and airlift them and all obstructing vehicles from the highways within fifteen minutes for deposit to areas for later legal disposal or recycling, that would have allowed American citizen movement in the meantime to go along their paid-for way of life for that afternoon.

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