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Trump Lies

Ballot creation date: 02/15/2016


Fact: Donald Trump said that 9/11 happened during Bush’s ‘reign’ as president. Fact: Donald Trump said that concerning weapons of mass destruction ‘they lied’ referring to advisors, or the CIA, or some persons who had access to information that could have made a difference, and who were employed under Bush’s administrative responsibility. Facts: The media (Hannity, Townhall commentator) said today that Donald Trump intentionally lied about Bush 2 lying about weapons of mass destruction, where there is no record of this being the case, i.e. Trump actually accused Bush’s advisors 'they' of lying to Bush, and Bush was negligent in not figuring it out. Fact: Trump also said today that he didn't know whether Bush 2 'actually lied or not'. Fact: Hillary Clinton barked like a dog on National TV to show some reference to a lie detection technique using dogs. Fact: President Obama actually said today that, “The Presidency is a serious job”.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears from the National consensus and polls on accusers and accused that this Trump/Bush lying is like saying to them collectively, ‘Just do your job, get a life.’ Trump didn’t intentionally or unintentionally lie. Neither did Bush. One MOT writer observation:  Cruz, Bush 3, and Rubio are milking the unproven lying as if non-action then is all that important today after the problem was fixed for the eight subsequent years of Bush 2. Bush 2 inherited the uncommunicative turf battles left by Clinton's inattention among agencies under his purview, and did help keep the country safe until Obama undermined the functions of US intelligence agencies and existing law. This MOT Ballot weighs the media theft by them changing the spoken words of Trump and others into what they want those words to say or mean, by presenting them as factual in different and false words, which steals from the speaker's stated intent, and which comprises an antithesis of American journalism

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