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Presidential Election 2016

Ballot creation date: 02/05/2016


Facts: Media coverage of the main Presidential candidates ignore two primary, salient exposures.... 1. The bar for the Office was set extremely low by hiding backgrounds and not vetting a Presidential candidate of a  different culture and character than that of most Americans. 2. At least a million proven, publicly vetted Americans, many with a US driver’s license, are more representative of Americans to be President than the current one.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Analysis by a negative Conservative: "So, what has happened is that the bar has been set so low that any American citizen with the time, and a modicum of electability and resources, who was born in the US or not, can reasonably or even unreasonably come forth for the job of President and all the power and accouterments that come with it. And what do we get among front-running candidates now that the bar has been set so low? Two first generation Cuban-Americans, one an anchor baby who learned the language well during American student High School elections, and the other not even born here but claiming the right to hold the highest office because of his mother’s place of birth and citizenship, neither having had any major accomplishment; A Socialist who leaps on the young and ignorant by selling what has never worked in history, and offering no reference otherwise; A person essentially on trial for murder; A daddy’s boy who's life behind the skirts of his mother has been one of privilege and softness; A blow-hard who already has everything, and worked to get it while complying with all the laws of the United States; A successful and highly professional Black-American who makes much American sense and doesn’t need the hyphen because he is already an American who’s ancestors just happened to have come from Africa and never went back when they could have.... just like the Irish and Oriental-Americans. I think I’ll vote for the financially accomplished blow-hard. He is more American, and there are a lot of things I would like blown out of my country. And, unlike nearly all immigrants here who are not required by this US President to comply with American immigration laws that define our country and culture, there is no other place for Americans to go. The last ‘freedom buck’ stops here." This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the media from the public of vital information concerning the basic characters and political DNA cultural heritage of major Presidential candidates thus far (2/6/2016).

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