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General Subject: Obama Administration

Clinton Charity

Ballot creation date: 06/12/2015


Fact: While Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State, she also had a vested interest in the success of her family charity organization run by her husband and daughter. Fact: During her tenure as Secretary of State over $150 million was received by her husband and her charity for speeches and for her charity by persons in and representatives of other countries, some whose policies are not in keeping with the human rights values and other policies of the United States. Fact: During her tenure as Secretary of State, she reversed her stand on, and made decisions favorable to, the interests of some of these countries who contributed to her charity organization and paid her husband high fees for speeches.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears beyond much doubt that Secretary Clinton was using her appointed position in the US Government for monetary gain. She has refused to provide accountability for how much and to whom these charitable monies went. Her husband has stated that no one has proven any wrongdoing.  This MOT Ballot weighs the salary theft by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State for representing some higher bought interests of the people of other countries over, and opposite to many, known interests of the people of the United States.

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