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General Subject: Obama Administration

Senate Letter to Iran

Ballot creation date: 03/07/2015


Fact: 47 US Senators signed a letter to the Iranian Government reminding them that any negotiated agreement concerning nuclear weapons development by the Executive Branch of the US Government with them is not binding without the approval of the US Senate. Fact: This letter was made available by the media to the White House and the US State Department informing them that any agreement concerning nuclear weapons development with Iran by them is worthless without the approval, even by veto default, of the US Senate. Fact: The entire US Congress has thus far (this date) been left out of all ongoing points of negotiation concerning nuclear weapons development in Iran. Fact: The US Constitution does not allow foreign treaties to be made without the approval of the US Senate.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It seems apparent that the President does not consider the US Senate experience in foreign affairs of value in negotiating points in a treaty that effect US national security relative to the possibility of nuclear war, nor what the Constitution says about treaties. It is of secondary importance to the US if the entire Mid East obtains nuclear weapons and blows themselves up. It is of primary importance to the US if one of them blows us up, as they say they will. Iran already has the vehicles (rockets) capable of delivering nuclear warheads to the United States if they had them. The President has stated that we have to trust our State Department to negotiate the best deal with Iran possible to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and that he will never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. He also said, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period!” The UN has designated Iran a terrorist State, a statement that apppears to mean little or nothing. As far as is publicly known, the 'deal with Iran' means they can develop nuclear weapons in ten years. If Iran, who has stated its intent of killing every non-Islamic on the planet, even comes close to having a deliverable nuclear weapon, that capability will be most probably destroyed, perhaps by Israel, followed by mop-up operations against most of Iran’s sources of wealth for at least a year. The Israelis cannot afford to just destroy Iran’s current possible nuclear capability. The US and Israel, at minimum, will have to destroy an Iranian nuclear capability for at least a generation to recoup and replace resources spent thus far, instead of constantly having to spend lives and wealth on worrying about it. This MOT weighs the theft by the President, of the Senate experience, from the process of representing the citizens of the US during any points of this negotiation, which they will Constitutionally have to legally approve later anyway. (It is the type of waste of time and delay that any MOTster US President would attempt.)

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