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General Subject: Obama Administration

Hillary Clinton Emails

Ballot creation date: 03/03/2015


Fact: While US Secretary of State for years, Hillary Clinton performed all of her private and official (US Government owned) communication through her private email server. Fact: In 2009 it became against the law (Federal Records Act) to do this, and all official records were required to be maintained in the associated Government Agency. Fact: It was reported that General Powell when Secretary of State communicated through private and official email channels, and set an accepted precedent for communicating through private email channels. Fact: General Powell communicated through email when it was not illegal to do so, either officially or privately. Fact: All official email communication records of Secretary of State Clinton made during the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi have not been made available. Fact: The Benghazi investigation is ongoing, and these email records have been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives Investigative Committee on the Benghazi murders. Fact: The news has made it clear that it is unclear which, or how many emails former Secretary of State Clinton will release relative to Benghazi. Fact: The media has not made it clear that all Emails that relate to any and all communication in the capacity and subjects of government business are all owned by the American people, even when commingled, and it is not the right or prerogative of Hillary Clinton to determine which of her Emails hidden by her are relevant to be released.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is clear that it is no longer important how many, or which ‘scandals’ come to the surface, or by what method or chance the egregious hypocrisies, flagrantly related falsehoods (public lies), and lack of integrity have been exposed as ‘normal business’ in the daily operation of the highest levels of this US Government Administration. This MOT Ballot merely weighs the theft from the American people of the official Clinton documentation they (American citizens) own through their elected government for the purpose of historical verifications, security from foreign interests, and accountability for actions of those in government that were being paid in the public trust.

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