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General Subject: Obama Administration

Hamstrung US Air Power

Ballot creation date: 02/06/2015


Fact: On February 5, 2015 General McInerney, USAF (RET) stated on FOX News that the US air forces (including Navy) in the Mid East were required to obtain permission from Washington (the White House) before being allowed to perform any air strikes. He added that this delay was normally about two days, and that this delay was because of the Rules of Engagement as currently applied by the US President to US Armed Forces. Fact: Several months ago it was reported on the world news that major ISIS moving ground equipment and weaponry, nearly all of US manufacture, were on the three major highways leading toward Baghdad for the intent of conquering that Iraq city. (See MOT Ballot “ISIS Air Strikes  8/25/2014” under ‘MID EAST’) Fact: The US had and continues to have the air capability to almost instantly destroy any identified moving enemy target in the Mid East. Fact: The US had and continues to have the air and satellite capability to nearly instantly identify moving enemy targets in the Mid East.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It has been argued that ‘boots on the ground’ are needed in addition to air strikes to defeat ISIS in the Mid East. It is not logical to assume this without first attempting full and practicable US and allied air strike capability to see how that works. At maximum to enable air strikes, ‘boots on the ground’ would comprise ‘eyes on the ground’ for target ID and damage assessment, with little or no ground combat required. US Special (ground) Forces are more than capable of these one-day, in-out observation missions if necessary. As defeating all active Islamic terrorist groups and persons is in the survival interest of the US and the free world, it is logical to exterminate Islamic terrorist groups and persons wherever they, their equipment, monies, and facilities are identified. As in nature, movement in an area is a key to recognition before attack, and the underlying key to success in all wars is a function of movement and the elimination thereof, as proven on the “Highway to Hell” during Desert Storm on the road between Baghdad and Kuwait. Sitting or traveling around in 5-star restaurants talking about sanctions and whether or not ground forces may be necessary to win against ISIS is not a strategy. Neither is drawing imaginary red lines in the sand. Local ground forces may be necessary for occupation and possession for those who live there. The US is not interested in ever living there. The US interest is to prevent the mindless inhuman culture of Islamic terrorism from seeping into our melting pot. The US strategy now, later, or lost consists of air strikes to destroy movement there, and prevent infection through a form of military inoculation here. This MOT Ballot weighs the Presidential sequestration or non-use (timely theft) of US  air power for use against Islamic terrorism in the Mid East to prevent the deaths of American citizens here.

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