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General Subject: Obama Administration

President in Paris

Ballot creation date: 01/09/2015


Fact: Islamic Radical terrorists murdered 17 civilians in Paris, France on 1/7/2015. Fact: All other major countries in the world except the US showed solidarity against Radical Islam by sending their heads of state or representatives to participate in a ‘Unity Rally’ in Paris on 1/10/2015. Fact: The US President did not participate, or send any US representative to this show of solidarity, after expressing the importance to the UN of international cooperation against terrorism in 2012. Fact: The US President has a consistent record of describing Islamic terrorist acts of murder in the US as, “workplace violence” and the Attorney General has described the US position as not at war with radical Islam, but against the use of a corrupted version of Islam to do terrorism. Fact: The US President has unconstitutionally released many captured Islamic terrorists from prison when the ‘return to action’ as enemies of the US was 30%.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This Administration seems so small and childish in action that it is difficult for most of the citizens to get their minds around motives, which often results in a paralysis of reason and a blinder to common sense. Just these few stated views, actions, and non-actions coupled with the President’s consistent degradation and demeaning of the US, its history and morals, and the realization that he no longer has need of (later-proven) lies and misrepresentations to get elected again, provide a substantial record and underlying pattern of his Administration doing everything possible that leans toward the long term establishment of a dull and vapid social State, similar to Cuba. The whole thing is getting old and dangerous, even for patient and forgiving Americans during our ongoing 'great experiment', knowing what doesn't work for us, as in being promised changes desired in words, and being dealt the opposite in action. It appears that the last two years of this Presidential tenure should be first spent by the Congress on an uncompromising change and recovery from the damage this administration has caused, is causing, and will cause the United States in the areas of health care, regulation, immigration, education, race relations, foreign relations, and the national debt. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of voted trust and promised leadership relative to US national security by ensuring no American representation with the other nations of the free world in Paris who are in opposition to Islamic terrorism.

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